Board of Directors

Ahmad M. Al-Ashram
  Ali Moaswes
  Saad Ali Moaswes
Managing Director
  Dr. Khalid Muwaswes
Director - Administration

Bond has achieved exceptional results over the years. These results are directly linked to several significant choices we made in our firm. We substantially strengthened our practice areas by broadening and deepening the mix of services, expertise, and skills available to our clients. By holding firm wide meetings, our teams share the best of practices and innovative methods. Client relationships have always been the solid underpinning of our framework and now we have intensified that aspect of our business by entering into agreements with clients for multi projects. We are sworn by oath to safeguard the interest of our clients, employees, suppliers and the society in which we operate. We extend our gratitude to all who supported us on our journey so far. Along with our team, we are excited by the prospect of bringing our unique enterprise to the next phase of leadership and discovery. We have built a remarkable Bond, and our best days are still ahead. There is no doubt that Bond Interiors is definitely the quality choice for the present as well as the future.