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Bond Interiors partners with Hawk Research Laboratories

Bond Interiors partners with Hawk Research Laboratories to introduce their high-performance coating products in the Middle East. Extremely popular in the US and European markets, these coating products have the ability to re-finish existing surfaces without demolishing or removal and ensure early project handovers while keeping the environment in mind with low VOC products.

Benefits of Re-finishing over Re-tiling
1. Cost Effective (eliminates the tile removal process)
2. Time-Saving (re-finished surfaces are ready to use the next day)
3. Cleaner with Less Waste
4. Design & Functionality
5. Sustainability

As the sole distributor of Hawk products in the Middle East, Bond Interiors has a dedicated team that is trained and certified by Hawk specialists to ensure high-quality installation services across all re-finishing applications. For more information on these innovative products, contact us on #resurfacing #norenovation #hawk #resurfacingproducts #timesaving #costefficient #sustainable

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